Yoga and Meditation

Für den inneren Frieden und Heilung



Centrum St. Michael Sint Michaelstraat 7 NL - 5935 BL Steyl / Tegelen


Steyler Missionare


Fr, 23.09.2022 - Fr, 30.09.2022

“Everyone can practice Yoga. It helps us to deepen our faith and strengthens our dedication towards life. It is also a way through which one can attain true inner peace, healing and life balance.”
James Arul

About James Arul svd
James Arul, Master of Yoga is a Divine Word missionary (SVD) from Indian. His approach towards other faiths and religions is very much dialogical, being rooted in his own Christian faith. He looks at Yoga as a science and discipline regardless of religion and faith.

James has absolved Yoga-Teacher-Training and Advanced-Teacher-Training courses in India. Since he is a native of South India, he teaches yoga in its somewhat pure form.


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